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The Storm

Updated: May 31, 2020

The Storm

A broken mother

And sad brother

Eternal cloudy days

A father with regrets

Apologies are unpaid debts

Rain washing away that chance

A stepfather must bear the brunt

Of a mother’ shattered heart

Pieces ripped out by the tornado

Cousins who never

Grow old together

Gusty winds ravaged that notion

Aunts and Uncles

No longer role models

Help shelter us from the debris

Grandparents mourn

Of legacy’s never born

Grandchildren taken in this downpour

Friends forever changed

Only memories remain

God damn this hurricane

Memories of climbing trees

All day and night riding bikes

Now a ghost rider wind at his back

Gone are plans

Dead are dreams

For the people in this storm


Copyright 2020, My Marvelous Journey, All Rights Reserved

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