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Life always throws a curve ball

when life throws you a curve ball hit it out of the park

When I started this blog my intent was to share victories and losses about challenges I have faced. My hope was to let others know they are not alone and to empower anyone who read my story. Just when you think you have things all figured out life throws you another curve ball. How many times have you heard that? Its cliché, I know. But there is truth to this idea. I am in the last years of my forties. One of my children is building his own life. The other is ready to start high school. I used to think that this was the time when things would to start to settle down. I thought that my second career would be enough to get me to retirement. And I would look forward to taking time off soon for vacations and visiting family. Then ... a curve ball. I am in the process of a new challenge perhaps my biggest one yet. While it’s a little scary, it is also exciting to start something new. Stay tuned...

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