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Summer is almost over

Christopher and Sammy

Summer is almost over. My youngest son has already started school. He is an eighth grader now and so far, he seems pretty excited about it.

Over the summer I took him and his cousin to the University of Central Florida for a college campus tour. They were both looking forward to the trip and all of the things the college had to offer.

Now, they are both only thirteen, and have plenty of time before having to choose a college, yet they are both ambitious and talking about what they want to do when they are older.

This got me thinking about when I was their age. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. At thirteen years old I can remember just wanting to be able to date boys and wear makeup. College was the furthest thing from my mind. As it turns out, when I finished high school I entered the work force. It was not until much later in life that I enrolled in college and earn a degree.

Christopher, Sammy and Mary

We got soaked, but had a great time in spite of the rain

However, I am proud of my son and my niece for thinking about their futures at such a young age. We had a great time on the college tour. The weather was perfect for most of the day. It poured after the tour and we got completely soaked on the long walk back to the car. They loved the school and the campus.

I must say, UCF does have a beautiful campus with all the amenities any young adult would want. Luckily for us too that my sister is a career counselor there too. She gave us a private tour before we joined the official college tour.

We made plans to tour other colleges soon. I want them to explore all of their options and make the best choice for themselves. Hopefully, I can help foster their dreams and inspire them to achieve their goals.


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