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It's all worthwhile

Updated: May 2, 2019

Erik Hoxie and Mary Jensen

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing a good job raising my kids. I try to teach them manners such as don’t talk with your mouth full or remembering to say please and thank you. I remind them to do their chores and help them with their homework. It seems as if I am constantly reminding them over and over again the same things.

We have dinner together almost every night. I always ask how their day was or what they learned in school that day. I think this is the most important part of our day, the time when we get together and talk, laugh and listen to each other. Of course, there are nights like last night, when Christopher (my seven year old) caught a case of the giggle/tears. Yes giggle/tears, I know you understand exactly what I am saying. Something has made him laugh until he cries, then laugh again to the point where he can’t stop laughing and then crying again. This drives me crazy and once he starts this cycle it is almost impossible for him to stop.

When my boys want to try out for football, soccer, baseball, karate or go bowling I am make sure they get to go. They are well fed; have clean clothes and go to school every day. They have toys to play with and a bed of their own to sleep in, but does that mean I am doing my job as a mom? How will I know?

Well, last night was one of those nights when I knew for sure I am doing alright and that my kids are going to be fine. My thirteen year old son, Erik, came into my office and told me he wants to go to the movies, just him, his brother and me. He wants to see The Lion King in 3D...with his mom!!! He is thirteen and I thought this was the time when kids start to pull away from their parents. Ewww...hang out with mom in a public place like the if!!! But, last night my kid said he wants to go to the movies with his mom and I couldn’t be happier. So, yes, I know I am doing ok and all those nights staying up late washing their clothes or making sure their homework was right or their lunch was packed... well... I know I am doing just fine and it is all worthwhile...every single moment of it.


Originally posted from my former blog MJ's Cafe on Blogspot

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