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Starting Over

Each day we all start over, it’s a fresh new beginning with each new sunrise. Starting a new day is easy, however, starting your life over, well that can prove to be more challenging.

After my divorce I thought I was starting a new life. After all being single allows so many doors to open. I didn't need anyone else's permission, nor did I need to consult or compromise on decisions. If I wanted to do something I did it and if I did not want to do something well then I did not. It was simple really, I was the queen of my castle, the king had been overthrown and my rules were the only ones that mattered. Now as challenging as it was to start over after my divorce, that pales in comparison to my next starting over challenge. At 41 years old, a single mother of two young boys and with not very much money saved up I decided to pick up stakes and move some 300 miles away. Much of this reasoning was to be closer to my family and have their support. I decided to end an eighteen year career in law enforcement as a 911 dispatcher so that I could spend more time with my kids. My boys have been through a lot and they deserved to have at least one parent who willingly commits time, energy, interest and love to their daily activities. It has been about six months now since I took the plunge, loaded the U-haul and drove away from that complicated life. Now it is time to start over again, a new beginning and a new me. This time I am going to get it right. I am going to enjoy every moment, every challenge and face my fear standing tall. It may be a different castle but I am still the queen!


Originally posted from my former blog MJ's Cafe on Blogspot

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