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About The Author

Who am I?  The standard generic answer is I am a mom of two boys, married for the third (and final) time, a dog lover, and entrepreneur.  Does that reveal true story about me?  No, that is a boring bio and sounds just like many others you might read.  I can tell you, I am a work in progress.  A smart, independent and flawed woman who loves her family.   My husband describes me as caring.  In my family, I am labeled as the "responsible one".  If you ask my sister, she will tell you I am determined and self motivated.  While those may be good characterizations, they merely scrape the surface.

I survived two failed marriages, two crazy ex-husbands, raised two boys on my own, one child with a chronic illness, bankruptcy, foreclosure, a family member with an addiction, college, a full-time job, career changes, and the sudden, tragic death of my oldest son.  This is life, the good and the bad.  Sometimes, I look back at all the chaos I had to handle and wonder why it happened to me.  The honest answer is I made choices.  Sometimes I suffered the consequences, sometimes I enjoyed the consequences.

When my fiftieth birthday was approaching, I decided it was time to take a risk.  For as long as I can remember, writing was a passion of mine.  Publishing nothing before, I had this insane notion to start a blog and try my hand at writing and publishing my work.  Sounds insane right?  What was I thinking?  Why should I step out of my comfort area, shift gears and write?  Who would pay attention to what I have to say?  Maybe nobody, then again, maybe someone.  Starting a blog was not to become rich and famous.  It was to tell my story.  My experiences may resonate with someone, perhaps even help someone.  Why blog, well why not?  I have a lot to say.  The many challenges I met taught me great lessons about myself. Perhaps my experiences will mean something to someone else.  

I do not proclaim to know everything. What I do know is even when things seemed to be the worst they could be, I survived.

My Marvelous Journey is a blog about life and everything that causes us to shift course.  From the joyous times we love to share, to the deepest secrets we prefer no one to discover. 


Life is not always easy, but it can be marvelous.

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